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Jan 17, 2015

Up and Coming schedule of Games & Events (Updated each Thursday)

Games Listed From the last 2 weeks will be available in the Current Events Section when available


24/3/17 GPS Newington Grammar Kings Swimming

24/3/17 Barker Girls Touch/Rugby 7s

25/3/17 Ascham Tennis

27/3/17 Barker Girls Swimming


29/3/17 Easts Promo Day

31/3/17 Syd UNi v Easts Club

2/4/17 Waratahs v Crusaders Super


26/3/17 Dragons v Warriors

Covered in the last 2 Weeks (These Game Foldersare available in Current Events Folder)

Schools -Now Available for Viewing

16/3/17 CAS Trinity Barker Swimming Diving

17/3/17 Barker Girls Touch/Rugby 7s

18/3/17 HOR Newington -St Ignatius

18/3/17 Ascham Waterpolo

18/3/17 Ascham Tennis

10/3/17 Iggies/Scots Swimming

11/3/17 Ascham Touch

11/3/17 Trinity Tennis/Cricket

11/3/17 Iggies Sports

11/3/17 Barker Girls Softball

4/3/17 Trinity Waterpolo/Bball

25/2/17 Barker Girls waterpolo Softball Basketball Sport

17/2/17 Ascham Junior School Diving

18/2/17 Barker v Knox BBall/Tennis/Cricket

18/2/17 SIC Junior Sport

10/2/17 Scots Swimming

12/11/16 SIC Sport

12/11/16 Barker Girls Basketball

12/11/16 SIC Sport

12/11/16 Barker Girls Softball/Basketball

5/11/16 Trin Bball/Cricket/Waterpolo

28/10/16 SIC Sport Basketball/Waterpolo/Fencing


4-5/2/17 Sydney 7s Sat/Sun