Searching Tips

Searching Tips


Photos include the following information that should prove useful for you to narrow down your search. First names, Surnames, Clubs/Teams playing, Venues and Dates are all included.


Start basic then refine by simply adding more details to the search (no need to keep redoing the same search!) until you get to the specific images you are after 


Rugby Example (trying to find images of Phil Waugh playing for the waratahs in 2001)

Step 1 type into the Search screen Phil Waugh (this will generate 10 years worth of photos covering Wallabies, Waratahs, Sydney Uni)

Step 2 type in Waratahs 2001  to your search and then hit update -this will narrow down the search to only images from that year and team


Club Rugby Teams also has grade and colts information eg 1st grade, 2nd Grade, 1st Colts, 3rd Colts etc 


School Sports should also have the specific team that is playing Eg 1st XV, 2nd XI, u13a in all respective sports